At first, you have to choose a location, a city, and enter your credentials then validate it. If you are on the Pro Plan, click install on your theme.

- For Pro Plan you need an activated Carrier Service API option activated (Jump to)
- For Light Plan, you have to configure Local Delivery in Shopify (Jump to)

Our application only works on the Cart page on Shopify. You have to deactivate the Checkout button from Mini-cart, Drawer etc... to redirect to the cart page. You also have to deactivate the Checkout button from the Product page.

We are using the new feature of Shopify called 'Local Delivery'. You have to go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.

First card is about shipping, the second is about local delivery. You'll see all your locations - Click on Manage

Then fill postal codes and price. Postal codes have to be the same that configured on Urb-it.
The name of the method must include Local Delivery

What is the Carrier Service API?

The Carrier Service API is a Shopify feature that allows app developers like Urb-it Shipping Module to generate rates within your checkout. If you are an Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus customer the Carrier Service API is included in your plan. If you are on any other plan please follow the instructions below.

How do I add the Carrier Service API to my Shopify plan?

You can add the Carrier Service API to any Shopify plan for free by switching to annual billing. Shopify will also give you 10% off your entire plan.

Alternatively you can pay Shopify $20/month for the Carrier Service API.

Urb-it Shipping Module makes no commission from the Carrier Service API. We are actively lobbying Shopify to drop the $20 fee and provide it for free on all plans.

How to switch to annual billing?

You must be logged into the store owner account to switch to annual billing.

  1. Within Shopify click Settings and then Plans and permissions

  2. Click Compare plans
  3. Click Change your billing period
  4. Select Every year from the list of options
  5. Click Start plan
  6. Once you have switched to annual billing the final step is to contact Shopify and ask the following:

    "I have just switched to annual billing so that I can use the Carrier Service API for free. Please can you enable it on my account as soon as possible so I can use custom rates features?" 

    If you are unsure on how to contact Shopify follow steps 1 -3 below.

How to pay monthly?

Please ensure that you are logged in as the store owner otherwise Shopify won't be able to help.

  1. Visit and click Chat with us

  2. Then click I have a store

  3. Enter your store url if you are not already logged in

  4. Copy and paste the text below into the your message field and click Chat with us

    "Please can you add the Carrier Service API to my plan for $20/month so that I can use Custom rates features?"

You can set up a preparation time. We will offer only time slots after this preparation time. You can set it up on the application > Settings. You can choose how many hours or days you need. It's a Pro Plan feature. To disable this option, set the time picker to 0. Don't forget to 'Save settings' to apply any changes.

If there are some products that are not eligible for local delivery, or that you don't want to deliver with Urb-it, you can exclude them from the service in the application.
You just have to tag those product with the tag 'not-urbit'

and save the changes.

on the cart page, the widget will be not launch if there is one product in the cart with tag 'not-urbit'.

You can set up free delivery based on the amount of the order. On the app, go to Settings > Free delivery. Enable the option and set an amount. Don't forget to save settings to apply any changes.

You have the option to use real delivery fees or choose to set your own prices. In settings, disable Dynamic pric to set each zones and prices

If you want stop same day delivery after a certain time, you can ! Go to settings and choose an hour. If the order is placed after this time, same day delivery is disabled, but client can choose the next available delivery day.

About the design of the widget, you have some design settings settable in the App, like position, logos, text etc ...
The pop-up, the form and the font family inherit from your theme, you can add some CSS on your style.css file. Don't change anything in the Urbit.css or any urbit files, as it will be overrid on the next update.

To uninstall the app, you have to delete 3 files in your theme. From your Shopify Back office, go to online store > theme, then click on "Actions" and "Edit code"

Then, find and delete files assets/urbit.js , assets/urbit.js and snippets/urbit.liquid

Ensuite, cherchez les fichiers assets/urbit.js , assets/urbit.js et snippets/urbit.liquid et supprimez- les.

In the file templates/cart, delete lines about URB-it (highlighted )

That's it !

To track the delivery, a text message is sent to the final client, with a link to tracking. At each step of the delivery, a tag is added to the order. When the delivery is completed, the application fulfils the order.

When you have to cancel an order, you also have to cancel the delivery in your Urb-it dashboard

When something wrong happens, the application will send you an email, with the order number and the error message.

Privacy is important, You can find all privacy policvy here . When you unsinstall the app, all your data is removed after 48h. If one of your clients sent a data access request, we will send him a mail directly with all data. And when a customer asks for data deletion, it is done instantly upon receipt of the request.

If the integration doesnt fit your needs, you can integrate manually the widget. First Got to you theme and cart.liquid and remove The last lines if there is.

enable custom integration in settings, and on the cart page (Edit Code), add this lines where you want.
{% comment %}
{% endcomment %}

{% assign custom_urbit = true %}
{% include 'urbit' with custom_urbit %}

{% comment %}
{% endcomment %}